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Mushroom Gastronomy

Mushroom Gastronomy

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"There is a recipe for everyone in this lovely mushroom cookbook (I'm going for Maitake Philly Cheesesteak). Mushroom Gastronomy is a welcome addition to the library of anyone who loves cooking with mushrooms "--Eugenia Bone, featured in the documentary Fantastic Fungi and author of the James Beard Award-nominated cookbook Well Preserved

Whether you forage for elusive mushrooms in the woods, at your local grocery, or farmers market, or are new to cooking with them, Mushroom Gastronomy is a long-awaited new cookbook that will prepare you for an exciting culinary journey into the world of edible mushrooms.

The book explores 25 of the most popular edible and delicious mushrooms. Stunning photographs introduce each variety, including their unique nutritional values, ideal cooking methods, culinary tips, and flavor pairings, making this book a go-to resource for anyone interested in cooking with mushrooms.

Written by a mushroom expert and culinary writer, Mushroom Gastronomy contains over 100 easy-to-execute, innovative, and classic recipes to please vegetarians and carnivores alike, for appetizers, soups and broths, main dishes, desserts, and even cocktails--all celebrating the delicious and mysterious mushroom.

Indulge with comfort food recipes like Black Trumpet Mushroom and White Bean Bisque, or Shiitake with Baked Corn and Cheddar Grits. Celebrate Italian style with Lion's Mane Bolognese, and top off your evening with a Candy Cap Cream Martini. Morel Mini Quiche, Chicken of the Woods Saltimbocca, and Matsutake Tempura with Yuzu-Lemongrass Aioli are just a few samplings of the many delicious recipes you'll enjoy preparing.

You'll also appreciate the valuable tips for selecting, storing, and preserving mushrooms to help keep your favorite mushrooms at their very best



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