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Captain Aromatic Concentrate

Captain Aromatic Concentrate

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Scent Notes1970s cologne. spiced bay rum. earthy patchouli. hand-turned sandalwood. burnt lavender. unmistakable childhood smells.

How to Use : It’s also travel-sized for breathing deeply at 31,000 feet. Beyond that, go wild. The concentration plays well with trickier situations — three spritzes on dry-clean only garments or high-traffic upholstery will neutralize any unbecoming odor. Try adding it to all-natural, unscented laundry detergent or spritzing on wool dryer balls to subtly scent your linens.

Get practical and savvy, by refilling your 16oz Interior Aromatic bottle with 1.5 oz of Aromatic concentrate and 14oz of distilled water.

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